Publish Your Own Magazine with NO Start-up Cost.
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Embrace a new age of publications. With the reduction in print media and the growth of video and social media, a digital publication focused on your geographical location and demographics can grow exponentially, letting you dominate your field in your city/state.

Be Your Own Boss

You own your own publication, so you are in control. We are the support team that makes it happen. No publishing experience necessary.
Social Media is a great place to find out where your customers are hanging out.

Dominate your State

When you are ready to set up your magazine, you choose your state and choose your market. You become the local expert.

You Have What it Takes

If you are a self starter, with a vision of greater success, publish your own digital magazine and take on your market.
How Does it Work?

A new kind of business

Becoming a publisher to your own niche e-zine is more than just owning your own business. Now you can be your own boss, set your own goals, and build community services in your niche. There is no need to have years of experience in publishing, graphic design, web development, etc. We do that hard part, you concentrate on providing successful and educational information to your community. Selling yourself and your product is as easy as knowing your own market.

A new kind of magazine

Newspapers and Magazines are depleting at increasing rates. Due to the new power of Social Media, Video, and Networking, digital media and content marketing are becoming a huge portion of our economy. In order to better serve the online masses, we offer online magazines with digital content, videos embedded right into your news stories, and a unique and successful distribution model to grow your business exponentially. You now have the power to dominate in your niche for your geographic area.

What do I get with my business?

There is no need to know the great big world of digital marketing and content management. You know your community, and you know your business. We know digital magazines. Here is just a short list of what comes with your new business:

  • Design and production of monthly issues
  • Comprehensive training for daily management
  • Sales and marketing training
  • Website and digital media kit
  • Access to editors and proof readers
  • Complete set-up of social media accounts
  • 10 e-mail address
  • Website hosting

What am I responsible for?

Even though we do the hard part, you still have a huge role in your new business. You know your city, and you know your business. We want you to put your own personality in every issue you release. So here are the things you get to do for fun:

  • Create articles and tutorials
  • Video and audio Interviews
  • Promotions (business directory, company support)
  • Advertising sales
  • Consumer support
  • Circulation support


*Ask us about all the support systems of your new publication. (435) 554-8352


Digital Magazines

What are the benefits of a digital magazine?

Lets take a peek inside one...

*Embedded video and sound

*'Call to action' forms


*And much more...

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