Business Marketing Magazine

Business Marketing Magazine is a digital magazine that focuses on building the skills of small business. You know your skills, but you may not know how to set up, market, and promote your business. Find the tips and tricks to grow your business with Business Marketing Magazine.


Business Marketing Magazine is available in a franchise-like affiliate opportunity. If you are a looking to dominate small business growth in your geographic area, become our affiliate and let us do the hard work, while you become your local expert in helping small businesses grow. Contact us if you are interested in launching your own “Business Marketing Magazine”.


Business Marketing Magazine will bring small businesses and respected advertisers together in your city. By creating content from local experts in marketing and business building, you can make money by offering a localized business directory, featuring successful small businesses. Your business will integrate local editorial information with educational features.


As an independent publisher your goal is to create an educational arena in your area. With the downfall of printed newspapers and magazines, your community will appreciate your innovative ability to bring them the educational information they need to move forward. Move beyond the "blah, blah" by using video and audio series that your readers will appreciate. Let Dark Twin Marketing provide you a product that can not only educate and support local businesses, but can be a community service.


For information on becoming a Business Marketing Magazine Publisher visit our Affiliate Opportunities page.